Lowe’s Buys Stainmaster Brand from Invista – Floor Focus

Lowe’s Buys Stainmaster Brand from Invista – Floor Focus

Mooresville, N.C., April 22, 2021–Lowe’s announced today its acquisition of the 35-year-old Stainmaster brand, the most recognized carpet brand. The Stainmaster brand first rose to fame in the market thanks to an unprecedented $85 million, three-year advertising campaign by DuPont that started in 1986. 

Lowe’s’ purchase includes all brand-related intellectual property from its parent company, Invista, and all related trademarks and subbrands, including Pet Protect, and allows the company to build on its 11-year exclusive position as the only national home improvement retailer to carry Stainmaster carpet, according to a news release. The company also says it sees an opportunity to extend Stainmaster’s high-performance characteristics into other product categories. 

Marvin R. Ellison, Lowe’s’ president and CEO, celebrated today’s announcement in a statement, saying, “At a time when home has never been more important, customers are increasingly looking for high-performance products to meet their evolving needs and expectations. We see great potential to leverage and extend the Stainmaster brand into other product areas to further serve our customers and deliver on our Total Home strategy.” 

The company added that the acquisition is “a step in delivering Lowe’s Total Home strategy by elevating the retailer’s assortment, providing consumers with the products and brands they trust for every project across their entire home.” 

According to sources who have spoken with Invista, the Koch fiber division plans to continue supplying nylon 6,6 fiber as “unbranded” and all carpet mills and independent retailers have four months to discontinue use of the Stainmaster brand name. At this time, Invista still intends to produce fiber under the Antron commercial brand name.

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Floor Focus reached out to two independent retailers who have been strong supporters of Stainmaster carpet since its beginningMacco Floors in Wisconsin and Baker Brothers in Arizona. 

Jeff Macco, VP with Macco Floors, said, “We will be dropping this brand like a wedding dress on a honeymoon night! There is no way that we would continue to promote a brand that is owned by a competing retailer. We are still a strong believer in the performance of nylon carpet and we plan to transition our showrooms to non-Stainmaster nylon carpet as quickly as possible. In reality, there hasn’t been any consumer advertising dollars spent on this brand in years and with Lowe’s using it on all types of carpet-the brand will lose its performance promise to the consumer in short order.”

Phil Koufidakis, president of Baker Brothers, added: “The Stainmaster brand has continually diminished in value over the years. Invista was really not interested in moving it forward so they punted to Lowe’s. This move will continue to erode the value and meaning …….

Source: https://www.floordaily.net/flooring-news/lowes-buys-stainmaster-brand-from-invista

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