2021 Suzuki Hayabusa launched at Rs. 16.40 lakh – Page 10 – Team-BHP

2021 Suzuki Hayabusa launched at Rs. 16.40 lakh – Page 10 – Team-BHP


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So unless the owner was looking to get used or wanted the super charger, there is no real competition in the current hyper bike category.

The Suzuki Hayabusa has been a dream bike.

There was no motivation to consider/test ride anything else in the market. Let me put this another way, no other bike felt as attractive as the Gen 3 Suzuki Hayabusa.

The build quality of the Gen 3 is so spectacular, one can spend hours just gazing at the parked bike. While some European bikes feel plasticky (with due respect, looks are a purely personal opinion), this oozes quality.

Had this as my desktop wallpaper during the early 2000s


Originally Posted by bigron We can talk and discuss more on it as you pile on more miles and get to know the biker better.

All said and done, you are going to have a ball of a time with this. It’s an amazing machine and pretty much perfect. Ride safe, ride far!

Thanks for the kind words, bigron.

Had gone for the first long(ish) break-in ride today.

Had the motorcycle in C mode. Even in the lowest power mode, the way it eats up tarmac was so much fun.

And more than mere speed, the way it just glides over rough patches (magic carpet ride), the brilliant wind protection, absolute rock solid stability and most astonishing – the way it tips into corners; are the hallmarks of an extremely sophisticated motorcycle. It is difficult to explain these traits as being unique to the Hayabusa (may sound like a fanboy-ish claim), only those who have ridden would be able to relate.

A simple thing like beautiful looking artsy mirrors, which also provide brilliant visibility – there’s so much to admire about this motorcycle and the effort that has been invested into designing it.

This is NOT a one-dimensional motorcycle. It is a comfortable sports tourer that can make a 150 km street-ride so memorable, one will keep having the urge to ride it again (and again, and…)!

Planning to experiment with B mode once the running in is done. A mode is best left for short bursts whenever the roads allow – it is far too aggressive.

PS: the perception that the silly Bollywood movie created about this bike is immensely stupid. Although it made the bike popular in the country, people remained unaware that it was an iconic bike long before the movie was made. Even today, the Hayabusa is just spoken of as being “fast”. That’s a disservice to a motorcycle that does so many things well.

Picture courtesy: BHPian TheCelestial

Sharing a snap that shows how the ergonomics are, this will differ depending on rider height. For reference, I am 5’6”.

Have always been a fan of these dual exhausts. While some YouTube influencers are replacing this with the full-system single-sided …….

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